"Working with Jo has been the best experience of my life. She works really intuitively and can figure the problem with a solution in seconds. She also has helped me to deepen my spiritual faith and see the miracles unfold through this.

I would recommend Jo to anyone who is in need of some straight talking spiritual coaching for their life and business. This will be the best thing you will ever do. Jo is 100% dedicated to her clients and takes the time to consider your needs whilst leaning into her spiritual intuition. The thing I also love about Jo is that whilst she’s spiritual, she lives in the modern world and understands the meaning of ‘doing the work’. She doesn’t tell me what I want to hear. She tells me what she feels called to tell me. Think of it as that friend that hands you some much needed home truths with a massive dollop of love to kick your arse into action!

Jo, I honestly can't thank you enough for being THE BEST coach!"

- Suzie Bartle, Founder of Well Spirited PR, London



"Working with Jo has been a really wonderful experience. Her positive, uplifting, really funky, kind and caring nature greatly supported me in the growth I wanted to make when I decided to sign up with her. 

Over the course of my 6 months working with Jo I have experienced a deep and lasting, great personal change. I came to terms with and took action towards my long held business plans and finally realized the real life steps that I need to take birth my business. I outgrew the lack of confidence that I still had in so many areas of my life.

It was great for me to have someone coming from outside my circle of friends and family who would reflect back to me and remind me of what I am truly capable of. And on top of that I simply had tons of fun with my Sis from another Miss! Her brilliant humour and awesome funkiness has been such a GIFT for me to get out my own positivity in all areas of my life, kick ass, and really wake me up from the slumber of procrastination, stuck, frustration and that funny old feeling of self defeat that I secretly kept in my world. Working with her provided me with such great energy to shift my life experience

Jo's coaching was the ultimate encouragement I needed to believe in myself, see myself in a new light,  and take action to fulfil my dream"

- Juliane Kampa, Spiritual Facilitator and Life Coach, Berlin



“I was looking for something but I didn’t know what. I knew it was soul thing and not a mind thing I needed to address and knew I would not get the answer from another book or youtube video or sitting with my journal"

Working with Jo is like pressing reset on my day, week and month and I take the clarity and energy with me into every area of my life. She has this down to earth and very loving way of calling me out on my bullshit! Since working with Jo my dreams have multiplied as have my belief and energy to achieve them. I expect great things to happen to me and they do. My sense of self worth has grown exponentially - things will never be the same again!

I would absolutely recommend working with Jo. She is wise and yet she understands what it is like to live in the modern world with all the overwhelm that entails. She walks her walk and talks her talk. She is no holds barred and has even sent me books and resources to help my path because she knows I may not follow up on Amazon. She is as committed to my growth as I am." 

- Lucy Sheridan, Brand Mentor, Comparison Coach and Hay House Author, Brighton



Before I worked with Jo I felt torn up and oversensitive. I was also worried that the coaching would make me feel worse and that it would be a waste of money and time (all worries were in no way the reality of my experience and the after effects of working with Jo!) After our session I felt hopeful and spirited.

Through our work together I discovered the tools I needed to work with my natural abilities and harness that power. I've learnt the way I am is fine - my personal work is moving with my natural strengths instead of trying to become someone else. 

I love Jo’s soulful, spiritual approach interwoven with practical advice, and the fact she swears - I love that, because it means I can :). 

I would definitely recommend work with Jo, especially to anyone who is looking for advice on building their assertiveness muscles and business and relationship coaching with a spiritual and pragmatic approach. She perfectly blends a connection to spirit with knowledge and tools that can be applied to created changes quickly. 

Thank you Jo. Working with you has been invaluable. 

Sophia St. Villier, Burlesque Artist, Writer and Teacher, London