Feeling frustrated? Stagnant? Stuck? Anxious? Disconnected? Paralysed in procrastination? 

Or just a bit lost and like you can't get off the damn hamster wheel of repeated behaviours that are holding you back? 

Want to transform these feelings, and the awesome actions that actually make up your life, into... 

Feeling energised? Fulfilled? Confident? Connected? Worthy? 

Like you can move forward in whatever direction you desire with clarity and ease? 

Then I'm your gal. I help my clients move from stuck and stagnant to clear and confident on the daily.

I help my clients turn paralysis and procrastination into productivity with purpose (and even profits!) on the regular. 

If you'd like me to help you do awesome stuff in your life, check out how you can work with me below... 



The only way you can work with me right now is in one of the following 1-2-1 programmes. I have a few limited spaces (not marketing BS - I'm working with my clients in a much deeper way than ever before and I will only commit to a few super ready and willing clients on my calendar) open for women who are fully committed to:

  • Investing - financially, energetically and emotionally - in their present and future happiness
  • Doing the *REAL* work - ie. getting into the muck and mire of what is *REALLY* holding you back
  • Living an incredible life full of happiness, confidence, ease and clarity - and the tools to get right back to this when you go off track
  • Letting go of low level energy habits like procrastination, making excuses, playing small and avoiding the deep work
  • Being open, honest, vulnerable and living with full disclosure to foster a life changing spiritual connection


40 Days to Limitless is the most intensive kickass programme I've ever created. 

It will change the game for game changers. 

It's for you if you are stuck in a holding pattern, if your life is good, even great, but you know there's more. 

You've seen glimmers of brilliance but struggle to stay there for longer than a day, or a week, or two. 

It's for people who are ready to shed their old limitations once and for all in a super short time frame. 

It's only for you if you're ready to dive into the work, two feet, whole heart, whole soul, no excuses. 

It's not for the faint hearted or excuses makers (#sorrynotsorry!)

It's not a cheap programme because it's not a cheap transformation. 

If you feel drawn to doing this work with me and you feel like you want to know more, I'd love to talk to you. 

40 Days to Limitless is only available via application and a discovery call with me. Here's the link to apply.


If you're looking for support to move you into the next stage of your life with more time built in for implementation and accountability, Connection could be perfect for you. 

In this programme we'll work together on the spiritual and practical elements of your life to help you gracefully and confidently take the starring role in your own life. No more waiting in the wings, no more shying away. 

6 Months to Connection will deepen your spiritual connection in a real and sustainable way that works for you and help you to translate that miraculous energy into real world solutions.

Working together over 6 months allows time for exploration and experimentation with a spiritual practice that will work as a solid foundation for your transformation, now and for the rest of your life.

Connection is the key to true self worth, understanding and embodying your innate value - in your career, finances and relationships (including the one with yourself). 

6 Months to Connection is currently priced at £500 per month and is only available via a discovery session with me. Fill out the form below to book your complementary, no obligation discovery session today. 

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Whichever programme you choose our time together will be absolutely tailored to your needs and we'll create a bespoke plan for how you can move forward in your life in a way that is clear, practical and gets the real results you desire, whether you want to work on your career or business, your family and home life, your body image and self confidence, your romantic relationships or all of the above. 

Examples of what clients have experienced by working with me:

• Massively improved relationships with their parents, children and romantic partners

• Consistently attracting income into their businesses - something that hadn't happened for them before, enabling them to give up the day job and do something they really love!

• Finding the courage, self belief and trust to leave their job and start a business - again something that just was not happening before they connected spiritually

• Learning how to put - and keep - in place healthy loving boundaries that serve them and their family, friends and clients, ultimately resulting in much more energy and fulfilment for their life and work

• Falling back in love with their day job while they steadily and sustainably build their business on the side

• Releasing romantic relationships that no longer served them and discovering what it is they really want from life and love and how to allow it in, with great speed and grace

• Releasing the need to push, force and race to a goal, and instead taking inspired action, from a place of love (I know, sounds much nicer, right?) and actually getting the results that push and force were NOT getting them

• Growing their business and profits rapidly, in a fun, loving and aligned way