Your body is infinitely wiser than your mind. Your mind will over think everything. Your mind is ravaged by years of experiences which it dwells on and labels good or bad and tries to help you inform decisions in the now based on the past. Which does not exist. The past and the future only exist in your mind. Your mind which over thinks everything. Trust your body. Trust your gut. Trust your instinct. 

When you are ill, or injured your body lets you know with pain signals and symptoms. How many times has your mind overridden or at least attempted to override these clear signals because “I have a deadline” or because “I HAVE to be in work today” or because “Rach is counting on me to be at spin class”.

Trust your body. It know what it’s talking about. Next time you don;t feel well, in any way check in. What’s really happening? 

Adopt a new mantra. Body over mind.