It would be this:

Do whatever it takes to get over your insecurities and the internal stories you play and replay in your head that you’re not good looking, smart, funny, smooth, hot, cool, sexy, talented, clever, stylish or thin enough. Because if you don’t, one day you will be 45, looking back in awe at how much power, beauty, energy, light, magic and spark was in you in your teens and twenties and wonder why the hell you cared that you didn’t look like you walked straight off the set of a music video. (By the way, to most of the rest of the world you probably do). Get therapy, read books, meditate, journal, literally get down on your knees and ask for whatever help you need to conquer this crap because right now you are powerful beyond measure and it would be a crime against your own life, and all those who are just waiting to be LIT UP by you, to waste it. 

No go on with your bad self. Start enjoying these precious years. 

With love from a 27 year old who got it just in time ;)