The body does not limit the Spirit... A lesson in love that I learned this week when I said goodnight to my canine spiritual guru - my sweet greyhound Presto's body. 

When I first realised that it was time to help him transition I was inconsolable. By the time he went back home to Spirit I was at peace and understood that there was pain to be felt - we were so close and I missed his physical presence - but I couldn't be truly sad as I knew that it was simply time for his ageing body to rest and for the real self to return home. As Marianne Williamson would say - "the body is a suit of clothes" - a disguise we wear over our Spirit while we visit Earth. 

Our Spirit shines through whenever we allow it, and it shines brighter when we connect with it and nurture it. It guides us as long as we let it. It existed before our bodies and it lives on after our bodies are laid to rest. The body is an incredible tool, vehicle and home to be cherished, respected and grateful for, but it cannot and does not limit the Spirit xo