I've got a new hobby: doing FB Live streams! Last week was my first time and even though I was super nervous, I'm hooked! My heart was banging harder than when I put my video out on Youtube and FB announcing that I was becoming The Spirit DJ! (In it I addressed my mum and dad letting them know it was ok, I hadn't joined a cult. They still thought I had! LOL!)

Because I don't tend to do things by halves the subject of the FB Live was "Fuck False Modesty". It was part of a message I received in a massive powerful meditative download that I received that day. (I'll be sharing more of the download in the coming days and weeks and in what feels like it will be a whole new revamped version of my work, but today's slice of the pie is fuck false modesty.)

So here's what I mean by fuck false modesty: As a society (especially Brits and any other culture that is aligned with moaning, self deprecation and snark as a national sport) we have fallen prey to keeping our joy, our success and our positivity locked down, squashed, hidden away. Hiding our light under a bushel, if you will.

And it's bullshit.

When we hide our light, when we don't share our joy, our success, our positivity, unadulterated, we make it harder for others to do the same. And we make it harder for us to enjoy our own light too. Then we slip into an energetic gang mentality where anyone who brings their light out, gets energetically stamped on.

Or we use self deprecating humour and "failure" to justify our success.

Or we look for negative aspects of other people's lives so that we can feel ok about their declarations of success.

"I'm a great mum... But that's ok for me to say because my house is a mess."

"I'm making great money in my business... But that's ok for me to say because I'm always knackered."

"I have a fantastic healthy body that I love... But that's ok for me to say because I work really hard at the gym and spend 2 hours a day juicing."

Fuck. False. Modesty. Leave your but at the door. Bring your genuine, heartfelt, positivity out into the world for all to see. Let it lift others up and pave the way for more success, for you and for them.

(And yes, that is different to being a braggart and grossing everyone including yourself out, but you know where that line is.)

So what?

So lean into love, because only love is real. Dare yourself to share your light, lean away from fear, lean into love, leave your but at the door and fuck false modesty.

Awesome + awesome does not equal less awesome.

Joy + joy does not equal less joy.

Success + success does not equal less success.

Share your light and revel in other's light. Fuck false modesty.


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