Last week I spoke on an FB Live about how important it is to really OWN your thing. The thing that you're super awesome at, unashamedly. No holds barred, no grossness, no sell and no need to convince anyone of anything, not least yourself. 

It's important for yourself and your own happiness of course, but it's also really important for the health of the planet and all its inhabitants. 

I believe that we were given the gifts we were given so we could use them in service of the higher good, not so we could be shy about them, hide them, deny them, be scared of them or question them. We were sent here in this physical form to serve, to light up, to give joy, to help and to love, using the resources at our disposal - the physical and the non-physical ones. 

And it's the hardest thing and the most common thing my tribe search me out for help with. They're all struggling to own their magnificence. Sometimes it's the fear of outshining, or the fear of being thought of as an idiot dick swinger for doing and being awesome. Sometimes it's because what they do isn't totally 'mainstream' and they can't explain it to their family, or because they can't even really explain it to themselves. They can't put into words what their magical combination of gifts and talents and skills actually is or does. Whatever it is, it always comes down to fear. It comes down to playing in the ego's domain, rather than Spirit's domain. They're relaxing back into the familiar feeling of fear, instead of leaning into the leading edge of love. 

It's like this: If you were sent here with a calling to do something that's because you were meant to do it. And yeah, you might find yourself bridge jobbing along the way until you can fully OWN your thing, and that's cool, as long as you know that it's a short term stop gap in the pursuit of a life long result. 

This next bit might trigger some of you and that's cool - it would have totally triggered me too once upon a time. The difference between the people who are already "doing it" and "making it" in this world is only about 1% down to talent and skill and who they know and about 99% to do with OWNING IT. You can have 10 years experience on them but if they're owning it and you're not, when you both walk into the same room, their energy will outshine your self-doubt and feed your ego and kick your Spirit in the nuts. 

When we're not owning it, we are in some way limiting ourselves. It can show up as a limit on money, on creativity, on love, on opportunities, and it's always ultimately down to a limit on connection. Connection to Source, Spirit, Big-G, The Universe, Mama Nature, whatever you want to call 'it'. 

And that's what I'm owning: I'm really really good at helping people get connected back to their Spirit. Getting them hooked back up with the hotline to God. Lifting their limits and popping their tops off. A couple of days ago I got my own top popped off and in its place I got a huge love punch of a download about my next level of owning it, and what I need to create and offer to bring that ownership into physical form so it can actually serve other people (as much as I'm sure you'd all love to pay to watch me meditate and get my top popped off! LOL!) 

So here it is. The thing I got guided to make: It's the most intensive kickass programme I've ever created. It will change the game for game changers. It's for you if you are stuck in a holding pattern, if your life is good, even great, but you know there's more. You've seen glimmers of brilliance but struggle to stay there for longer than a day, or a week, or two. It will unlimit your limitations. It's only for you if you're ready to dive into the work, two feet, whole heart, whole soul, no excuses. It's not a cheap programme because it's not a cheap transformation. It's called 40 Days to Limitless. 

If you feel drawn to doing this work with me and you feel like you want to know more, I'd love to talk to you. Here's the link to apply for 40 Days to Limitless: