There is a difference between being honest and being rude and tactless. 

There is a difference between sharing your opinion in a calm, measured, open way and being confrontational and destructive. 

There is a difference between saying no and holding your boundaries and being obtrusive and self important. 

I call it loving fierceness. 

It’s when you are willing, with love and kindness in your heart and a neutral softness in your body language, to hold firm to your boundary and share your honest feelings and opinions, even if they are contrary to those you are sharing them with. 

It’s when you can be brave and centred enough to hold your ground and speak your truth, regardless of whether the people hearing / reading it will like it or not. 

It’s when you can find a way, with maturity and without insult, to own your feelings and allow others to own theirs. Because you get to choose how you feel and so does everyone else. (So stop trying to care take them before you open your mouth. Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes, above all else, it’s what we need to hear.)

There is a grand misconception that to be loving / spiritual / peaceful / meditative [delete as applicable] means to be passive, weak, quiet and ineffectual. Which is ironic really, when anyone with a serious spiritual practice will tell you that being actively spiritual is inherently about working with creative forces much bigger and more powerful than yourself and about making massive impossible seeming shifts on everything from the personal to the global level: AKA miracles. Nothing passive, weak or ineffectual about that. 

So take heart, decide what feels good and right for you from that most honest place inside you AKA your soul, and lovingly, fiercely, hold your ground, speak your truth and as you do, empower others to do the same.

Sometimes love is a whisper. Sometimes it is a roar. Be willing to let your love roar. 

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