Warning: Unabashed feminist essay comin’atcha. I’m talking women, money and power. Buckle up and prepare to get your buttons pushed, because I love you. 


Women, not all of us, but many of us have crappy money stories. We’re good at spending money and getting into debt but we’re not good at managing money and saving. Or we’re so good at saving that it turns into scrimping. We’re not good at valuing ourselves and asking for our worth at work. We have terrible boundaries around money and our worth as a whole. We let other people and situations run rough shod over the lines we draw that feel good to us. We work unpaid overtime. We accept CPD instead of a raise, instead of demanding as well as. Instead of energetically positioning ourselves so that the demand is not even required. So that those writing the cheques know what they need to do to ensure we are rightly compensated. We don’t charge enough then we over deliver. And we take those shitty money stories we were given, and like a fucking baton in a relay, we run with them. We take ownership of them and make them our own. And we wonder why Donald Trump and his cabinet of dangerous cronies (as a metaphor for all the old paradigm patriarchal leaderships in the world – at the heads of governments, companies, families…) are the ones in power. 


It’s because as women, again, not all of us, but too many of us, we give away our power. We give it away in terms of our boundaries and we give it away with how we manage – or don’t manage – our money. 


Here’s a simple truth: Money is power, and women are uncomfortable with power. The feminine way is not to compete, push and force, at the cost of others, but to collaborate, love and nurture. And that feels like it jars with power. It does jar with the patriarchal model of power. So we need to forge a new way. A way where power means collaboration. A way where power means the ability and resources to empower and lift others up. To support groups and causes that are doing important work in the world in a significant way. A way that honours our worth in a way that people like Donald Trump have been incredibly comfortable with for a very long time. It is insane that people like that (I really have no urge to explain or apologise for that judgement) have no qualms about their self worth and yet you sit there reading this – and feel free to ignore me on this if you’ve totally got your money story sorted and your wealth consciousness on point – feeling like you can’t own your boundaries, charge your worth, take the lead in your money story or be a total boss in your own life. Even if it means you could support causes that make you weep, and afford to do pro bono work for the most needy and vulnerable people. Even if it means that you feel totally powerless in the face of something that disturbs and perturbs you. Even if it means that your children are destined to follow in your footsteps of struggle. 

Women: It’s time to reclaim your power. It’s time to own your worth and your value. It’s time to stop being afraid of money and hiding from it. It’s time to sort your financial crap out. We need you, more that ever, empowered, with the resources to do something about it – whatever “it” is for you.  Empowering other women. Supporting environmental causes. Running as a serious political candidate. Or simply being fulfilled, lit up and divinely compensated in your work, which trust me, in and of itself makes positive ripples out into the world in immeasurable ways. 
Here is a reading list that I recommend for helping you with your wealth consciousness and self worth story: 

Sacred Success and Overcoming Underearning both by Barbara Stanny
The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price
Worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck
Doing Magic, Becoming Magic, Advanced Magic and Becoming Rich all by Genevieve Davis
And finally, I recommend getting support. If this post hit home, hard, if you’ve been struggling with your wealth consciousness for a looong time, if you still can’t get a handle on your self worth, it might be time to call in the cavalry. How much longer are you willing to discount your money story and disown your power? How much longer are you willing to stay stuck in not-quite-enough or not-nearly-enough? 

If you’re ready to step up and own your power, I’d love to talk to you. I have 2 spaces open on my schedule for private coaching – if you’d like to claim your complementary Freedom Session with me to discuss how where you’re at now, where you want to be instead and how I could help you get there just click this link to book your slot with me >>> http://meetme.so/jowestwood