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Why we're failing our young women.

Just skimming through my bumper issue of Grazia, not half way through and I've already come across these articles ...

"I always feel second best to my sister in everything I do", about a girl who has purposely distanced herself from her elder sister as they are pregnant at the same time and says she will continue to keep her distance when their babies are born because she can't bear what she feels are unfair comparisons between her and her sister... 

And "I'm addicted to trolling celebrities", about a girl who was bullied at school and now takes out her unresolved vitriol on random people on Twitter.

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A quote from the latter: "I keep telling myself I'll stop when I finally have a life that makes me happy; when I have a boss who respects me and a boyfriend who adores me. I guess then I'll have better stuff to do. Right now, though, I don't - it's the quickest way to transform how I'm feeling."

Now I'm loathe to turn this into a sales pitch but honestly, this is why I do the work I do. It breaks my heart to read the psychological pain our young women are going through and the lengths they are going to, to avoid, mask, temporarily cure all the crap that's swirling round in their heads.

I'm British so I can, and intend only, to speak for my own culture, but we are just not set up as a nation to know how to handle these kinds of issues.

Reticence, stuff upper lips, keeping calm and carrying on, it's all bullshit because we are creating fucked up young people. And not so young people for that matter, because if you don't solve it at 22, you get the same thing reoccurring at 32, 42, 52....

I'm not saying that spirituality, A Course In Miracles or my Spirit DJ work is the definitive answer. There are many answers. But the work I do is one doorway that is available, and in my experience works on every level of disappointment, disillusionment, dissatisfaction and despair.

If you feel the same way I do, or you are one of these women that could be in next week's Grazia, I've got two things coming up that you might like to know about...

My super special edition, hot to trot, NO BS live all content show on Friday 21st February at 1pm GMT - The Awesome Life Show: How To Have a Spiritual Breakthrough and a Totally Awesome Life in 6 Mega Easy Steps - Register here if you fancy it.

Please spread the word. Happiness is everyone's birthright, and if in any way I can help our amazing women to remember this, I need to do it. xo