One of my dearest clients Elizabeth* is one of the most qualified, experienced, talented and smart women I know (and I know some pretty kickass women).

In fact, in a recent coaching session with her I told her "You know more than me." 

She replied "About what?" 

I said "Everything." 

And I have no shame in telling you that I know I have a client who knows more than me.

She's done more training than me, read more books than me and had more life experience than me. 

But because there were some deep historical blocks holding Elizabeth back she didn't realise that. Or perhaps she did. But those old blocks, those old stories, those old patterns wouldn't let her move forward into fully owning her truth and her self worth. 

They kept her stuck, thinking that if she just got some more training, if she just did another course, if she just knew what was in this book or that webinar, then she'd be "enough".

(Caveat: Getting the professional training you require to do your work well is a good thing to do, and continuing your personal and professional development is also a good thing to do, but not if it is a sophisticated avoidance technique to stop you actually doing the work you came here to do.)

Elizabeth is also a really smart and experienced businesswoman, who has not only run a real life (yep, not even an online, but a real life) 7 figure business and now knows everything one human being could ever wish to know about online marketing and sales funnels. 

So she definitely didn't need to know anymore about what I would call "surface level" stuff. She had enough information. But all the "how to", all the "just effin' do it" advice, all the pushy, forceful, masculine, "get over it and get out there" energy in the world wouldn't help her. 

Because owning your self worth and leaning into love cannot be gotten from a webinar about building your list or a "how to" blog post. And I'm going to be controversial here. It can't be gotten from a "how to" Internet marketer masquerading as a coach either. 

Once you've reached a certain level of knowledge in any area of your life, if something is still holding you back from stepping into the greatness that you know, somewhere in your soul, awaits you, I'm going to bet it's not lack of information. It's something MUCH deeper. It's old stuff. It's history. It's the crust that has built up, over years and decades on top of the real you. 

That's why it takes the real work to make those real significant shifts. That's why it takes courage and heart and huge amounts of self love to uncover and undo those ancient blocks. It's no mean feat and it's not for the faint hearted. 

But you're reading this, so my guess is you're not so faint of heart. And that doesn't mean you're necessarily a warrior or prize fighter either. Some of those people are actually the most faint of heart because their aggressive ambition covers up their fear of going deep within. And on the flip side some of the most bold hearted people I know are introverted, sensitive, quiet souls. 

Elizabeth is one of those people too. A loving, gentle, kind, generous soul, who until she dove in and did the real work with me was stuck on the surface level, accumulating a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience but definitely not heading onwards and upwards towards the direction of her dreams, or owning her true full value.

And now her life trajectory has changed. In a miraculous instant, right in the middle of my 40 Days to Limitless programme she became unblocked. Old, old wounds were healed. Newer wounds were looked at and cared for instead of being brushed aside to become yet more old wounds. And just like that, the next level of incredible in her life opened up before her eyes. 

In real life that looks like transitioning quickly from a business she was good at but not in love with, to doing her life's work and feeling confident and excited about talking about it, approaching new potential clients with ease and speed, feeling good about charging her worth and feeling much happier and more fulfilled.

*I have changed my client's name because I value her confidentiality. The real work goes deep so it didn't feel appropriate to identify her personally, though she gave me her permission to. The story and the person are real but her name has been changed. 

I hope you've enjoyed this story and it's inspired you to do the real work that you know you need to do too, to start living your own limitless life. If you want to know more about doing the real work sign up to get my free video training The Three Keys to Unlock Your Limitless Life