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Hello my lovelies... I'm having a bit of a relationships moment, so this week we'll be covering Family Relationships as a follow up to last week's Romantic Relationships Hangout... You'll need to sign up to get access AND the recording if you can't make it LIVE...

This week we'll be discussing family relationships, existing and past, difficult and wonderful and everything in between.

On this week's hangout you'll discover...

• Why whatever you experienced as a child, it's time to stop blaming your mum and dad 
• Why you don't owe them anything, and they don't owe you anything.
• How what is lacking in your familial relationships is down to what you are not giving
• How true defenceless creates safety and miraculous shifts
• How to transform difficult relationships to loving ones
• Why sometimes "No" is the right answer

***AND as always you'll be able to ask questions LIVE on the line too!

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