This week YOU'RE in the starring role! Q&A is always my favourite part of my Hangouts - I love getting to interact with my lovely viewers and I love the helping you with my spiritual perspective on what's going down for you in the moment. So I'm indulging myself this week with a whole show featuring your burning Q's... REGISTER HERE

My experience of spirituality is that it has an awesome answer for ALL your questions, so don't be shy, give me a try! I've found that my own spiritual practice has given my access to all the answers I could ever need, and I would love to share them with you... Here are a few suggestions to get you started: 

• Not even sure what spirituality is? 
• Want to know how to meditate? 
• Struggling with your body images? 
• Got a difficult romantic or family relationship you'd like help with? 
• Wondering why you can't make money in your biz? 

• Need a pep talk before a job interview? 
• Lying awake at night worrying and want to stop the endless mind chatter? 

Then hit me up! Spirituality can help with all of this and so much more... 

Either join me live on the line or email me your questions (you'll get the link when you register) in advance - I will answer everything, and you can stay anonymous if you choose :) - But be sure not to miss out! If you don't know whether you can make it live, shoot me that question on email anyway to make sure I get it! And spread the word... Let your friends and family know... They're all welcome in the Spirit DJ fold! REGISTER HERE

No question is too big or too small. The first line in A Course In Miracles is...

“There is no order of difficulty in miracles "

You'll need to sign up to get access and the recording afterwards... REGISTER HERE

If you can't make it live, email me to put your questions to me in advance - every question I get will be answered! xo (You'll get the link to email me when you sign up)