We are so super lucky with this week’s Summer of Love line up … We have the utterly divine Rebecca Campbell joining us hot off the heels of her book deal with Hay House! Yup, you heard her here first lovelies!

Rebecca will be talking to us about the subject and title of her Hay House book to be published next summer: Light Is The New Black.

I case you hadn’t noticed there’s a new wave of spiritual babes on the scene teaching modern spirituality to the masses in a super accessible way that it’s never been done before. Rebecca is definitely one of the leaders of this movement and will be speaking to us about how she came to do this work, after being an award winning advertising creative, and achieve her dream of becoming a published Hay House author – a vision she’d had since reading “You Can Heal Your Life” at age 14.

Rebecca is a total inspiration who truly understands what it is to shine your light, spread your message and allow the universe to support you. Tune in to get tapped in and fired up!

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