course overview

Hey! I’m so glad you made it!

The core Course Modules of Lovingly Fierce are designed to build on each other, so the first time you go through the course it’s ideal to practice the modules in order and do the homework from each module before you move on. Then later, you can re-read and go back to modules as and when you need them

Please - take your time! Recovery is not a race. Better to take a few months or even a year really savouring and practicing the course material and homework. Letting it sink into your bones and your soul in a deep and meaningful way. Than rushing through for the sake of ticking boxes. Recovery is not a box to be ticked. It’s a rebirth. Honour yourself with this process!

The bonus modules can be used at any time, as and when you need them throughout the course. They’re short, practical modules that will occasionally be referenced in the main course modules. Check them out at your leisure, but be sure to do them - they’re super useful and address some of the more ‘everyday’ stuff you’ll come up against in your recovery process.

No what are you waiting for my lovely! Go forth and kick codependency in the… butt.

With Fierce Love,

Jo xo

guided meditations

Meditations Tips - Great guidance for beginners

Self Meditation – Get into the body, identify feelings and self validate.

Heal Meditation – Sending healing vibes throughout the body from the heart centre.

Pray Meditation – Prayer to a Higher Power to take away all that no longer serves us.

Clear Meditation – Get clear and focus. Come back to your own boundaries. Embody the energy that inspires respect.

Lovingly Fierce Meditation – All about the balanced energy of living life Lovingly Fierce