Yup. Everyone's saying the C word already (Christmas), that means the end of the year is approaching and your feed is about to be bombarded with posts about New Years Resolutions.

But you don't have to wait 'til 2015 to get clarity on your next move.

Join me for this free three part training series where I'll be walking you through my hottest tips to create a totally kickass spiritual gameplan to get you on track in your career and relationships, starting NOW!

Don't wait for January to start rocking the killer habits and actions that will give you your best year yet... Join me and together we'll...


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• Why you'll thank me come 1st January when you've got a killer jump start on an awesome daily routine. (Ie. No need for crappy resolutions you never keep anyway!)

• How to kick the deadly cycle of procrastination and overwhelm to the kerb in 2015, starting RIGHT NOW. 

• Why despite all your most earnest efforts you've not bee able to stick to a great routine of the good stuff before now - and the tools to change that.

• How to have your best year ever in career and relationships (including the one with yourself!) 

• And how to walk the fine line between taking responsibility and releasing control when it comes to creating your awesome destiny. 

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Tuesday 23rd September at 5pm GMT - Show 1 - LIVE

Thursday 25th September at 7pm GMT - Show 2 - LIVE

Tuesday 30th September at 7pm GMT - Show 3 - LIVE


Who is this Spirit DJ chick?

Hey Gorgeous,

My name’s Jo and I’m known as the Spirit DJ, and to start with I’ll let you in on a terribly kept secret.

I’m a working class gal from a coal mining town in the north of England. I sometimes swear like a sailor when the mood takes me, (most often for comic effect!), I eat steak, occasionally fish and chips and drink beer. I still consider myself an atheist when it comes to traditional organized religion. My sport of choice is competitive co-ed dragon boat racing and trail running when I’m not doing that.

So I think you could safely say I’m not your stereotypical tree hugging, yoga practicing vegan spiritualist type!

I have a lot of love for my plant eating, sober, flexible friends, but honestly, that’s just not me. And something I’ve learned on my spiritual path is, that it doesn’t have to be. Yay for being ourselves!

My upbringing and personality allow me to translate the sometimes difficult to understand esoteric concepts of spiritual practice into an easy to understand practical, implementable system.

But why am I doing this?

Not too long ago, I was a young woman, who on the surface had everything going for me. I had a lovely home, a thriving business, a schedule full of international travel, a wonderful man in my life, and a great wardrobe.

But inside I felt unfulfilled. I felt like that rich inner life I experienced as a child had gone stale. I felt blocked and couldn’t seem to get any of my “big ideas” to come to fruition. I wanted a purpose in life but didn’t know what it was or how to find it. I was paralyzed.

And I’m not proud to tell you that there were times in my younger life when I could barely contain my anger, bitterness and frustration, at my career, at my relationships, at myself. I so desperately wanted to burst out of the box and feel like myself again.

I’m so grateful to now be walking a spiritual path that has me feeling unleashed, confident, supported, fulfilled, energized and getting real tangible results… And the best part? I get to share it in a super practical, easily implementable unique system, in my work with wonderful women like you!

(Oh and PS. In case you were wondering, even though LOTS has changed in my life I totally kept all the awesome clothes!)