Hey, I'm Jo, life coach, author and creator of Lovingly Fierce©.

In my work as a life coach I bring together my own experiences with my personal journey of self development, and discovery of my personal spiritual path, and many years of coaching women from all walks of life to help my clients break free from the exhausting and destructive cycle of codependency. 

I've been told an I'm old soul and maybe this has something to do with it... I'm 32 years young I've spent the last 10 years on the entrepreneurial and personal development path. I started out life as a designer working on high end interior design projects and later, I spent two year travelling the world and working with some of the most innovative and high profile business and life coaches in the industry, as the Social Media DJ. 

Even though I had a totally Instagram worthy life something was missing. I felt unfulfilled, unmotivated, stagnant and stuck. And I couldn't tell anyone, because from the outside I looked like I had it all together. I even felt like I was being ungrateful for my awesome life - especially when I had friends telling me every day how jealous they were of my adventures when they were stuck in their 9-5's.

I also always felt exhausted, and though I appeared to be an outspoken tough cookie I was often taken advantage of in my work, underpaid and undervalued and unable to hold a boundary or ask for what I really deserved. And to top it all off I constantly bounced from one relationship to the next - diving in head first with whoever soothed my woes at the time.

It took for me to marry someone who narcissistically abused me to finally figure out that I'm codependent - in layman's terms you might recognise it as being an extreme people pleaser or someone who is addicted to people, relationships and what others think of them. 

I'm now a recovering codependent - working on that one day at a time - and I thank the Universe every day for every struggle I've ever had because it brought me here, to my purpose - to help other people escape from codependency, claim their lives back with confidence and live Lovingly Fierce©.

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Thanks for stopping by xo