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YOUR FREE GIFT <3 From the album: Miracle Meditations

Hi love! I'm so glad you made it over here to  claim your free Energizing guided meditation. 

Two things before you dive into 4 minutes of upbeat bliss... 

1) Did you get a chance to join my Spirit Lovers Community over on Facebook yet? If you want to continue the good vibes in conscious way with a tribe of like-souled babes to support you, this closed group is just the ticket. Just click here and request membership. 

2) If you love this meditation and want more, I mad a whole album of them! 10 Guided meditations, all between 4-10 minutes in length, (so perfect for your busy spiritual babes on the go!) and all with a specific theme for helping you live a happier, more fulfilling and free life. Here's the link to grab the whole album. 

Now light a candle, burn some sage (or just pop your headphones in on the commute to work!) and enjoy...