• Do you feel like no matter how hard you try it's never enough - whether in work, or relationships?

  • Do you find yourself seemingly bouncing from one drama to the next, unable to get yourself on an even keel?

  • Are you unfulfilled in your relationships - even drained by them?

  • Do you numb out or avoid your life with food / social media / TV / sex + relationships / exercise / substances?

  • Are you a chronic people pleaser, always going above and beyond for others only to be left depleted and resentful?

  • Do you find yourself unable to clearly and honestly communicate your needs to those who really to need to hear them?

You might be stuck in the exhausting and destructive cycle of codepedency. You're in the right place. I can help you figure out if that's what's happening for you and if it is, find a way through and out of it...




I specialise in helping people who are stuck in the destructive cycle of codependency. I help you recognise the exhausting patterns that are holding you back, make clear decisions about how you want your life to be instead, and execute those decisions in a Lovingly Fierce way. 

Lovingly Fierce is my signature system that I have developed to help my clients release the fear and manipulation based way of operating that is codependency. When you live Lovingly Fierce you will: 

  • Be able to make clear, confident decisions about how you want your life to be - and execute those moves!

  • Move through fear, be bold, open and honest about what you want, with those who matter to you

  • Release destructive relationships that are draining you - and avoid getting into them again in the future

  • Have the tools you need to stop people pleasing and codependency in it's tracks

  • Feel strong, empowered, confident and worthwhile as a person. Like your voice matters and will be heard


A relationship with a life coach is an intimate one. We're going to be digging into some deep stuff together, and helping you to shift things in a major way. If you want to work with me you will be all in for... 

  • Investing - financially, energetically and emotionally - in your present and future happiness. I can only be as committed to you as your are to yourself. Be willing to meet me half way and we'll make magic happen.

  • Doing the real work - ie. getting into the dirtiest depths of what is really keeping you stuck

  • Living an incredible life full of happiness, confidence, ease and clarity

  • Letting go of low level energy habits like procrastination, making excuses, playing small and avoiding the deep work

  • Being open, honest, vulnerable and living with full disclosure to foster life changing habits




Work with me one-on-one to get the most intensive and tailored support I can offer to help you identify, change and release destructive and exhausting patterns of behaviour, get out of the rut of codependency and live Lovingly Fierce. 

I offer the following coaching packages:

1 x 1 hour session - £150 (full payment required in advance)

5 x 1 hour sessions - £600 (payment options available, see below)

10 x 1 hour sessions - £900 (payment options available, see below)

Single one hour sessions must be paid for, in full, at least 24 hours before the call is due to start. All other coaching packages can be paid for either in full upfront, or with a £100 upfront deposit to hold your space on my schedule and the remainder as two instalments, paid no further than one month apart. The first payment must be made 24 hours before the start of the first coaching session.

All coaching packages are non refundable. If your payment has not been received at least 24 hours in advance of our first call starting your package will be cancelled. You will need to re-apply if you wish to reschedule or continue your sessions.

When you work with me one-on-one our time together will be absolutely tailored to your needs and we'll create a bespoke plan for how you can move forward in your life in a way that is clear, practical and gets the real results you desire, whether you want to work on your career or business, your family and home life, your body image and self confidence, your romantic relationships or all of the above. 

Examples of what clients have experienced by working with me:

  • Releasing romantic relationships that no longer served them and discovering what it is they really want from life and love and how to allow it in, with great speed and grace

  • Rectifying unacceptable conditions at work, gracefully standing up for themselves, asking for and getting promotions, raises and finally feeling valued

  • Massively improved relationships with their parents, children and romantic partners

  • Consistently attracting income into their businesses - something that hadn't happened for them before, enabling them to give up the day job and do something they really love!

  • Learning how to put - and keep - in place healthy loving boundaries that serve them and their family, friends and clients, ultimately resulting in much more energy and fulfilment for their life and work

  • Finding the courage, self belief and trust to leave their job and start a business they love

  • Falling back in love with their day job while they steadily and sustainably build their business on the side

  • Releasing the need to push, force and race to a goal, and instead taking inspired action, from a place of love (I know, sounds much nicer, right?) and actually getting the results that push and force were NOT getting them

  • Growing their business and profits rapidly, in a fun, loving and aligned way